CaribErasmus – Caribbean opening to Erasmus Mundus

EURASHE is a partner in the CaribErasmus project on Caribbean opening to Erasmus Mundus.

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The project aims at fostering the cooperation between European and Caribbean higher education institutions in a structured and sustainable perspective. This has not been done through one-way promotion activities but rather through partnership building: in particular by increasing the awareness on European higher education opportunities and enhancing the attractiveness, the profile and the visibility of European higher education institutions towards Caribbean partner universities, students and researchers in a collaboration perspective. The project is now in its second phase during which the integration seminars are being organised.
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  • July Brussels Seminar: Academic Cooperation and Mobility between Europe and the Caribbean 1/6/2012 - On 20 April, EURASHE was represented at the CaribErasmus (Caribbean Opening to Erasmus Mundus) Seminar in Haiti dedicated to Academic Cooperation and Mobility between the Caribbean and Europe. You can... Read more
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  • AlmaLaurea Inter-University Consortium (AL) - AlmaLaurea was born in 1994 at the University of Bologna (from the idea of a professor of social statistics and two young collaborators), with three great intuitions, which remained unique... Read more
  • Caribbean Knowledge and Learning Network (CKLN) - The Caribbean Knowledge and Learning Network (CKLN) is an inter-governmental agency of the Caribbean Community, CARICOM. CKLN was mandated by the Heads of Government of CARICOM with the responsibility to... Read more
  • Coordinating Centre for the Qualification and Development of Human Resources (FORDES) - more to come soon…
  • European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (EURASHE) - EURASHE is the European Association of Institutions in Higher Education that offer professionally orientated programmes and are engaged in applied research within the Bologna cycles. EURASHE represents universities of applied... Read more
  • MENON Network - MENON is a European innovation and research network, which provides information, evaluation, consultancy and development support to policy makers, research communities, industry and society at large on issues related to... Read more
  • StudyPortals - StudyPortals is the International Study Choice Platform. Our mission: “Empowering the world to choose (for) education”. How? by making study-choice transparent globally. We help Universities with easier and more effective... Read more
  • Universidad Iberoamericana (IBERO) - IBERO is one of the country’s private leading academic and research institutions. It offers students a unique educational experience through its community of faculty, alumni and professionals dedicated to real-world... Read more

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  • Stefan Delplace - Stefan Delplace became the Secretary General of EURASHE in 2004, a position he occupied until 2014. He represented in the Bologna Follow-Up Group and several of its working and coordination... Read more
  • Marek Frankowicz - Specialist in Theoretical Chemistry and expert on Higher Education reforms. Coordinator for Quality and Internationalization at State Higher Vocational School in Tarnow and Associate Professor at the Jagiellonian University in... Read more
  • Marcin Krasnodębski - Marcin Krasnodębski is a former research officer at EURASHE working in the area of mobility and international openness.
  • Luis Manuel Paulino Marte - I am Dominican and reside in Santo Domingo, a beautiful paradise to live and work. In 1987 I was graduated as a system engineer with honor from the University INTEC.... Read more
  • Edwin Van Rest - Edwin is the CEO and one of the founders of StudyPortals. He is continuously looking to optimise the long-term world impact. Apart from his overall management tasks, he seeks strategic... Read more
  • Iva Voldánová - Iva Voldánová is a former project associate of EURASHE. In 2009-2013 she worked on the follow-up and monitoring of European projects assisted the Secretary General in policy activities. Previously, she... Read more
  • Alexandre Wipf - Alexandre Wipf is the previous policy and communications officer at EURASHE. Within the secretariat he was in charge of the implementation of quality assurance related activities (policy, projects, events, representation,... Read more