Deqar proyect

The Database of External Quality Assurance Results (DEQAR) project focuses on two of the Key Commitments agreed for the European Higher Education Area (EHEA): (1) quality and (2) recognition. 

Project summary

The project aims at expanding the coverage of the Europe-wide Database of External Quality Assurance Results (DEQAR), which ensures a one-stop-shop access to reliable information on the quality of higher education. The project will enhance DEQAR’s connectivity with other tools and initiatives in the field of digitalisation, QA and recognition.

DEQAR CONNECT will broaden the knowledge base on external quality assurance in the EHEA and contribute to making recognition more efficient, seamless and ultimately automatic. The project’s direct beneficiaries include quality assurance agencies, recognition information centres (ENIC-NARICs) and national authorities in the EHEA. At the same time, also higher education institutions, students and employers will reap the broader benefits.

EURASHE is an associate partner of the DEQAR Connect project consortium and its role includes providing policy advice, supporting dissemination and making the project visible in the European higher education sphere.


Stakeholders & users will be involved in ensuring relevance of the database and links with the end users:

Research Centre will be responsible for piloting studies in the use of the database:

17 QA agencies1 as well as GAC and HRK

Associate Partners:
Associate partners (do not benefit from the EU grant and may come from non-EU countries):

ECA will contribute experience and expertise from Qrossroads

Registered QA agencies from non-eligible countries will be involved in the technical implementation of the database: