Project CoordinatorUniversity of Groningen



Calohee project

CALOHE2 is an extension of the CALOHEE project under Key Action 3 as a forward-looking cooperation project, which focusses on the implementation of assessment instruments developed under the CALOHE project. The project aims to find the answer to whether study programmes prepare students enrolled in higher education for the world of work and provide them with the needed competences, by assessing the students’ performance. The additional reliable data that should flow from the projects can help in raising the institutional and teaching and learning standards in the European Higher Education Area.

The project will deliver a benchmarking and detailed and multi-dimensional and multi-pillared assessment frameworks for each of the five fields based on the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning. The project will also develop a matrix model to distinguish between different types of higher education institutions, a detailed work plan for the creation and implementation of transnational assessments at subject area level, and a White Paper explaining the costs and benefits of the various assessment designs.

EURASHE is a member of the project’s Advisory Board and offers support and advice on the main steps, the key and follow-up documents to be developed, as well as the testing phase.