PROCSEE report: Policy Challenges for Professional Higher Education in Central and South-Eastern Europe

EURASHE is a partner in the PROCSEE project on Strengthening Professional Higher Education and VET in Central & South Eastern Europe. The project has now published its first Policy Challenge Statement for Professional Higher Education in Central and South-Eastern Europe, which is the result of extensive expert work through the project national and international expert networks.

The statement focuses on the four main project themes:

  • Alignment of PHE with regional development strategies
  • Promotion of PHE to respond to skill shortages
  • Organising and monitoring placements in the world of work
  • Personal learning environments in PHE

In the first stage each country participating in the project organised a half-day seminar, assembling their respective national excellence committees, which performed a SWOT analysis of the state of the PHE sector in their respective country. The goal of the project work is to build an ‘ideal-type’ scenario for PHE in their country for the following years and to identify barriers which may hold them back from achieving these scenarios.

The discussions of the national excellence committees were then summarised into national priority challenge statements, which were compiled as a follow-up for the HE Excellence Forum of 28 September-1 October 2016 in Logarska Dolina, Slovenia. The forum brought together around 40 European experts across all the four thematic areas of the project with the aim of identifying the shared national, regional and European challenges and to bring together the overall problems/challenges and symptoms for the theme as a whole. Following this, the experts refined the problem definitions, prioritised the root causes, and summarised them in the final two chapters of the policy statement, which was then validated online with all experts who participated in its formulation. A report of this first forum is available on the project website here.

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