Created in 1985, the Polytechnic of Porto (P.PORTO) is the largest and the most dynamic Polytechnic in the country, occupying the first position in the ranking of the Polytechnic and, in conjunction with major universities, is placed in the upper reaches of the ranking of National Higher Education.

The mission of P.PORTO is to create and further knowledge, science, technology and culture, and to provide students with technical, scientific, artistic and transverse skills that articulate knowledge and action, so as to become the agent of transformation at home and abroad, and through intervention contribute to the wise development of society.

P.PORTO’s eight Schools constitute the dynamic axis of an open, challenging and multicultural community and turn a complex of modern labs and equipment into living entities. The Schools are the link between the three Campuses, 30 research centres, more than 18,000 students, 58 undergraduate degrees and 50 masters’ degrees.

Founded in 1999, ESTG (School of Management and Technology) is a dynamic and proactive institution of higher education integrated in P.PORTO. ESTG’s mission is to take part in development, social wellbeing, and technical and scientific excellence, by promoting a solid education, enabling students to become innovative leaders of progress and innovation. ESTG involves about 1400 students distributed by 7 Undergraduate and 7 Master degrees concerning 4 main areas: Computer Science, Business Sciences, Legal Practice and Occupational Safety and Quality.

ESTG has a Centre for Research and Innovation in Business Sciences and Information Systems (CIICESI), which has 58 researchers (45 PhD) and its mission is to promote and develop scientific research in Business Sciences and Information Systems domains, particularly if supported by Information Technology. CIICESI holds the interdisciplinary scientific, technological and technical skills necessary to promote and disseminate new knowledge to the business community.