EURASHE working group on Applied Research and Regional Development

EURASHE_button_rdiEURASHE has established its Working group on Applied Research and Regional Development to coordinate its activities in this area.

Underneath are further information on the working group:

The working group provides a forum for members and external experts familiar with EURASHE to develop, stimulate and execute projects, studies, and other initiatives including reach-out events.

Specific tasks of the working group include:

  • Prepare and organise any event of EURASHE on RDI;
  • Provide expert advice and input for the drafting of policy papers, statements on RDI, and if requested contribute to writing articles, manuals or guidebooks on RDI and related issues;
  • Follow-up on the developments of the ERA, Innovation Union and RDI funding programmes;
  • Disseminate information on the latest developments in European RDI;
  • Support the application for projects in the area of RDI.
Following are the meetings of the working group:

Following are upcoming events:

More to come soon…

Following are past events:

EURASHE Working group on Applied Research & Regional Engagement – October 2018
Brussels (Belgium), 12 Oct 2018, N/A
EURASHE working group on RDI – October 2017
Brussels (Belgium), 12 Oct 2017, n/a
EURASHE working group on RDI – June 2017
Brussels (Belgium), 16 Jun 2017, n/a
EURASHE working group on RDI – March 2017
Brussels (Belgium), 16 Mar 2017, n/a
EURASHE working group on RDI – February 2017
(), 15 Feb 2017, n/a
EURASHE working group on RDI – November 2016
Brussels (Belgium), 10 Nov 2016, n/a
EURASHE working group on RDI – June 2016
Brussels (Belgium), 17 Jun 2016, n/a
EURASHE working group on RDI – February 2016
Brussels (Belgium), 19 Feb 2016,
EURASHE task force on RDI - October 2015
Warsaw (Poland), 16 Oct 2015,
EURASHE task force on RDI - June 2015
Brussels (Belgium), 12 Jun 2015,
EURASHE task force on RDI - February 2015
Brussels (Belgium), 27 Feb 2015,


Following are experts involved in the task force:

  • Anne Kraav - Anne Kraav is an associated professor of civil engineering at TTK University of Applied Sciences, since 2001, Vice Rector for Development. Anne Kraav has been intensively involved in applied research... Read more
  • Spiros Sirmakessis - Spiros Sirmakessis graduated from the Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics in 1992 with grade 8.72 and declared a Doctor of the same department in 1997. His doctoral thesis is... Read more
  • Borivoje Rodić - Dr Borivoje Rodić is head of Development and Cooperation Department at Belgrade Polytechnic, College of Vocational Studies. As a professor, he teaches courses in Management tools and techniques and Sound... Read more
  • Žarko Nožica - Žarko Nožica is professor and scientist. He obtained his masters and PhD degrees at University of Zagreb (Croatia). Mr Nožica has over 25 years of experience in University (Croatia) and... Read more
  • Armando Pires, President of EURASHE - Armando Pires is a graduate of Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Lisbon. He received his MSc degree in 1988 and PhD degree in 1994 in Electrical Engineering at... Read more
  • Tim McCormac - Dr Tim Mc Cormac is Head of Research, Research Office, at the Dundalk Institute of Technology, Dublin Rd., Dundalk, Co. Louth., Ireland.
  • Alex Rizzo - Dr. Ing. Alex Rizzo’s main fields of expertise are in vocational education & training (VET), small business strategy, alternative technologies and integrated water resource management, with some 30 publications to... Read more
  • Aleksandr Apanasenok - Aleksandr Apanasenok is Doctor of History, Professor, specialist in the area of religious history of Eastern Europe and in the field of organization of Humanities research. Aleksandr Apanasenok is a... Read more
  • Janez Damjan - more to come soon…
  • Nasser El-Gizawy - more to come soon…
  • Ghazy Assassa - more to come soon…
  • Johan Cloet - Johan Cloet has been the Secretary General of EURASHE in 2014-2016, which he represented in the Bologna Follow-Up Group (BFUG) and several of its working groups, such as on ‘Structural... Read more
  • Bruno Van Koeckhoven - more to come soon…
  • Regitze Kristensen - Regitze Kristensen was SPACE’s Secretary General for more than 3 years. Her valuable experience includes her work as Director of international relations from her home institution and as project manager of many... Read more
  • Anabela Mesquita - Anabela Mesquita is a Professor at the School of Accounting and Administration of Porto / Polytechnic of Porto since 1990. She is the Vice Dean of the school since 2007.... Read more
  • José María González-Alorda Iriarte - Director of Innovation at Foundation Saint Paul Andalusian CEU (FSPA). Responsible for digitalization and coordinating FSPA on an international level. Designer and person in charge of innovative education in all... Read more
  • The documents of the working group are available in the members’ area here.