A Manual for Internal Quality Assurance in Higher Education – 2nd updated and enlarged edition

EURASHE proudly presents the Higher Education community with Lucien Bollaert’s book ‘A Manual for Internal Quality Assurance in Higher Education. Looking for a new quality in HE in a New World’.

This 2nd edition of the successful Manual for Internal Quality Assurance in Higher Education is not only an update but also an enlarged edition.

The author starts again with the fundamental questions “What is quality?”, “What is QA?” and indeed “What is HE in this globalized society?” All chapters have been updated with new approaches and research, this time also from outside Europe based on his own experiences and lecturing in the USA and elsewhere. Hence the new subtitle “in search of a new quality in a new world”. Amidst all the changes a new chapter on the challenging future of QA, including the new leadership and how to address quality culture has been added, all starting from the definition of quality as added value in a new international context.


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About the author

Lucien Bollaert is a well-known speaker on many international conferences, seminars and workshop on QA, and expert in SPHERE’s Technical Assistance Missions (University of Barcelona).

He is the author of several internationally peer-reviewed articles and he peer-reviews for some journals on QA and HE policies. Currently, he is visiting professor in QA at 3 universities, member of the board of AEQES and of EQ-Arts, and member of the Policy and Standards Committee of the Irish QQI. He is currently involved in QA projects in 10 countries.



Meet the author

Past events

6-7 March 2019 – Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, Almaty (Kazakhstan)

International Seminar: “Developing Internal Quality Assurance system in HEIs”

28 March 2019 – Haagse Hogeschool (The Netherlands)

Internal QA Conference for managers and externals on demand: Kwaliteitscultuur (Quality Culture)

24 April 2019 – Ljubljana (Slovenia)

QA community and NQAA: speeches on “New approaches to QA” and “Recommendations for changing the Slovenian PHE excellence model”

15 May 2019 – Budapest (Hungary)

The eve of 29th EURASHE Annual Conference ‘Future Students. Future Universities. Future Jobs. Professional Higher Education in the changing world’. There will be an opportunity to buy a copy signed by the author.

  • 29th Annual Conference – Budapest 2019 - Future Students. Future Universities. Future Jobs. Professional Higher Education in the changing world EURASHE will organise its 29th Annual Conference in Budapest (Hungary) on 16-17 May 2019 together with the... Read more
  • 25 June 2019 – Hogeschool Gent (Belgium)

    Internal general annual meeting all personnel

    12 September 2019 – Hotelhogeschool Den Haag (The Netherlands)

    EURASHE Quality Assurance Community of Practice

    30 October 2019 – L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University (Kazakhstan)

    International conference “The New Societal Dimension in the Mission of Higher Education”



    Preparing young (and not so young) people for a fulfilling career in the New World is the main goal of higher education. Essential for all those involved in the process – teachers, managers, administrative staff – is that they are also well prepared to fulfill this rewarding task! Lucien Bollaert, a truly experienced hand in the profession, is helping out by offering us a manual, a textbook, in fact a curriculum to be read, to be analysed, and… to be stored not only in the brain but also in the heart. Indeed reading chapter after chapter one is confronted with the quality analysis of the whole spectrum of HE, research, community services, qualifications, learning outcomes, rankings. And also with leadership, vision and mission, competences, diversity in staff and students, QA procedures, labels, rankings, classification instruments. Rewarding is also the selected bibliography, a real challenge to go on digging for more on quality, external quality but mostly on internal quality. This all hoping to be an incentive, an inspiring guide for a better approach to HE as a global co-creating community in a better world, a better life.

    Annemie Van den dries, Space Business schools


    Lucien Bollaert’s “A Manual for Internal Quality Assurance in Higher Education. Looking for a new quality in HE in a new world” is really informative and helpful Manual for all Higher education institutions. It gives a clear understanding of the creation of a quality assurance system in Higher education and is useful for administrative personnel, teachers, students and other stakeholders. The most valuable thing is showing the understanding of quality assurance and institutional strategy as a system working together. I hope that we will have a possibility to see new updated editions of this Manual and, also, meet Lucien Bollaert in international conferences and forums.

    – Dr. Nijolė Galdikienė, Klaipėda State University of Applied Sciences