Outcomes of the PL4SD project: peer-learning, country profiles, reports

PL4SD_logoThe PL4SD project, on Peer Learning for the Social Dimension, has completed its activities at the end of 2015. The final project report is now available. The document includes an analysis of the project’s outcomes and the impact peer learning has within European higher education policy. The report also discusses the question of the future of peer learning and aims at supporting policy-makers and stakeholders in improving social dimension policies.

PL4SD developed a brief country profile for each country in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) in order to provide an overview of the social dimension in higher education in the entire Bologna area. The profiles provide information on overall strategies and policies regarding the social dimension, the composition of the student body, as well as on tuition fees and student support in the respective country. The project website provides 48 country profiles (separately for each country as well as a collection of all profiles in one document).

Now that the project has completed its activities, the website will stay online at least for several years. Particularly the database of policy measures can serve as important instrument for policy makers and other stakeholders even after the end of the project. Therefore the project partners are confident that in near future an opportunity will arise that will allow the PL4SD team to continue and further enhance its work.

final report  country profiles