Announcing: Seminar on Innovative PHE: New trends for the future, Warsaw, 14-15 October

Photograph: CC by by Radek KoĊ‚akowski

EURASHE will organise a seminar on professional higher education (PHE) titled ‘Innovative PHE: New trends for the future‘ in Warsaw (Poland) on 14-15 October 2015. It is organised by EURASHE and the Conference of Rectors of State Schools of Higher Vocational Education in Poland (KRePSZ).

This year’s seminar will be developed through 3 hot topics in professional higher education.

The first day will be dedicated PHE’s funding and best practices in diversifying financial resources, especially through cooperation with the world of work. The second day will focus on the role of institutions in student development, discussing prevention models for student dropout and best practices in ensuring access to underrepresented groups. Finally, we will showcase benefits of stakeholder cooperation for regional development.

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