Call for Papers in the framework of Privatization in Education Research Initiative (PERI)

PERI_logoIn March and June, 2014 European Education will publish a special issue in two volumes dedicated to marketization, privatization, and shadow education in Southeast/Central Europe and Eurasia. This special issue will be published in collaboration with the Privatization in Education Research Initiative (PERI).

PERI welcomes submissions that explore the changing nature of public/private education provision and address some of the following key questions: What are the main facets of privatization or marketization of education in the countries and sub-regions in Southeast/Central Europe and Eurasia? Why have countries with similar historical and transitional paths experienced different scope, intensity, and nature of privatization in education? More is available in the call for papers here.

The Privatisation in Education Research Initiative is a global research and networking initiative seeking to animate an accessible and informed public debate on alternative education provision. In particular, it examines the social justice implications of changes in the coordination, financing and governance of education.

More on the call here. More on PERI on their official website here.