Birgitte Woge Nielsen

Birgitte is the project manager for courses on the 17 SDG for lecturers at VIA University College in Denmark. VIA Campus North is an education institution with five different health educations. Together with colleagues and external collaborators, Birgitte has developed the framework for courses and the teaching material. She is also coordinator of VIA Student Incubator. For the last eight years, Birgitte has gained significant
experience with organizing large-scale events and workshops and experience in advising young entrepreneurs. She has also developed different cocurricular courses in a co-creation with the different educations. In addition, She is a lecturer at the Physiotherapy education.
Birgitte’s educational background: Masterclass in Entrepreneurship Education and Facilitation at Aarhus University, modules from Master´s Degree in project and innovation management Master´s Degree in Anthropology of Health, Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy, a two-year course in Dramaturgy at Aarhus University.