A New Website for A New Year

EURASHE_websiteOn this new website of EURASHE you will find all the information you had access to before, but with:

  • more clarity: a light design for a better experience;
  • more user-friendliness: a smooth structure for more information;
  • more content: more documents for even more professional higher education;

Specifically, some of the latest additions to the website include:

  • 4 fields of activities: with a direct access to related news, events, projects and documents;
  • over 1,600 files in our library: with presentations delivered at EURASHE events, but also documents from projects and our publications;
  • over 750 events in our calendar: with relevant events for the further development of professional higher education;
  • members’ area: with the latest documents of EURASHE’s internal meetings added, and repositories of documents developed for our members;
  • multilingual information: with information on EURASHE in 7 languages: German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch, Serbian and Russian;
  • news items & in-depth articles: with the latest news of EURASHE and more information on topics important for professional higher education;
  • members, partners & expert profiles: with individual profiles of our members, and also of past speakers at EURASHE events.

& much more…!