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EURASHE’s work under the umbrella theme of ‘modernising professional higher education’ explicitly addresses employability and lifelong learning.

But EURASHE also addresses issues such as internationalisation, qualifications frameworks, student-centred learning etc.

From the outset of the Bologna Reform process, the employability of graduates has been considered a cornerstone in developing higher education. The concern is to make higher education responsive to developing societies and rapidly changing demands from the world of employment. These calls for flexibility and innovation in the contents as well as in the structure of education.

The vision is a Europe where governments, employers, and HE institutions have increased partnerships to create jobs for the graduates and graduates for the jobs.

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HEIs must make it possible for students to maintain relations with the labour market through programme structures based on linked and flexible cycles;

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employers must allow and encourage their employees to go back to HEIs for relevant supplementary study periods;

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and governments must ensure that the proper support mechanisms are in place.

When dealing with employability, however, employers and HEIs should also consider the long-term horizon of graduates’ careers, as an entrepreneur or an employee.

Lifelong learning (LLL) as a leading principle for developing the EHEA is strongly supported and advocated by EURASHE. LLL contributes to extending knowledge and skills and creating new skills and transversal competencies. LLL is a significant source for individuals to be flexible towards professional changes or personal development and growth. We urge governments to ensure adequate investment and legal support for LLL as one of the most liberating tools of an equitable society as one of the most vital movers towards economic growth.

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Working groups

The working group is a discussion forum gathering EURASHE and external partners interested in a more extensive portfolio of topics, including employability, cooperation with the world of work, lifelong learning, permeability between higher VET and higher education, commitment to the European Alliance for Apprenticeships and others.

Partnership and stakeholders

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Specific tasks of the working group include:

  • Development of EURASHE policies on employability, including through policy papers;
  • Preparation and organisation of the events of EURASHE on topics linked to employability and lifelong learning;
  • Development of initiatives and undertaking research on the issues related to the working group’s priorities;
  • Cooperation with the Lifelong Learning Platform (LLL-P)
  • Development and preparation of project proposals.

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