Panel debate on ‘Synergies for Students’ Success’, Brussels, 11 October 2016

lll-week-2016As a part of the Annual Lifelong Learning Week organised by the Lifelong Learning Platform (LLL-P) in the European Parliament EURASHE is joining forces with the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) and the European University College Association (EucA) to host a panel debate on ‘Synergies for Students’ Success or the Added Value of a Multifaceted Higher Education’. Taking place on 11 October from 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm, the panel will bring together members of the European Parliament, European Commission representatives (DG Education and Culture and DG Employment) and civil society organisations, exploring how synergies between different actors can bring about results in terms of innovation and reform in European higher education.

A lively panel discussion will investigate various factors contributing to students’ success, in term of academic achievement, employability and active citizenship. EURASHE will bring forward our policy on employability, as well as the importance of professional higher education in supporting the development of graduates’ skills that are needed for a successful transition from education to the labour market.

The event will include the following speakers: 

  • Krystyna Lybacka, MEP (S&D, Poland)
  • Safi Sabuni, ESN
  • Mirela Mazalu, EucA
  • Marko Grdosic, EURASHE
  • Krystyna Lybacka, MEP (S&D, Poland)
  • Ana Carla Pereira, European Commission, DG Employment
  • Margaret Waters, DG Education and Culture
  • Jean-Marie Dujardin, LLLPlatform Steering Committee
  • Brikena Xhomaqi, LLLPlatform Director

The Lifelong Learning Week has over time become a milestone in the European education and training agenda, thanks to the support of the Members of the European Parliament, civil society partners, and of LLL-P members. This year’s edition will be organised in partnership with the European Youth Forum and hosted by MEP Brando Benifei (S&D, Italy), Member of the European Parliament’s Lifelong Learning Interest Group and the Youth Intergroup.

This year’s debates will be linked to the topics of ‘Learning to Live Together’, ‘Flexible Learning Pathways’, and ’21st Century Skills’. From the Paris Declaration to the Skills Agenda and from employability to the integration of migrants, the Lifelong Learning Week will be an opportunity for policy-makers and educational stakeholders to gather and discuss various challenges that education systems face today, and try to anticipate upcoming ones in order to propose more sustainable lifelong learning policies.

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