Possible Developments for the European Register of quality assurance agencies (‘Oxford-style debate’)

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Author(s)Colin Tück, Melinda Szabo
The session will bring together different views on the purposes and activities of the Register for quality assurance agencies. The discussion will feed into the ongoing self-evaluation exercise of EQAR.
EQAR was set up in 2008 by the E4 Group to manage a Register of quality assurance agencies. The main aim of the Register is to build trust between European higher education systems by facilitating the recognition of quality assurance decisions, providing a basis for governments to authorise higher education institutions to choose a suitable agency from the Register, promoting student mobility and reducing opportunities for “accreditation mills” to gain credibility.
Seven years after it was established the Register includes 40 quality assurance agencies (QAAs) that have demonstrated their substantial compliance with the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG). While the number of registered agencies shows a clear progress, it is still to be seen whether EQAR plays a strong enough role in the trust building and further integration of higher education systems in Europe.
A debate on the role of EQAR will provide a productive way to weigh different views on the issue and to assess the logical arguments supporting each view.
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