Enhancement-led Visits to the faculties of the University of Ljubljana

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Author(s)Vanja Perovšek, Katja Kamšek
The aim of the workshop is to:
- briefly present a unique setting for quality improvements that is based on using powerful questions and cooperating in small, interactive groups of people,
- enable participants to briefly experience the use of these methods.
An example of a quality-enhancement approach recently developed at the University of Ljubljana (UL) will be presented (enhancement-led visits). The approach was developed as an alternative to a more common approach of internal audits. The combination of asking powerful questions and working in small groups of participants is being used, which proved to be inspiring, supportive and meaningful for the participants and the faculties involved at the UL.
The participants will be invited to experience these methods by using powerful questions while working interactively, followed by reflection and discussion in order to exchange insights and suggestions for further development and to identify similar approaches in their own environments.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2015 10th EQAF