Challenging the system: envisioning the future of quality assurance

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Author(s)Cristina-Ramona Fiț, Delia Gologan, Anca Prisăcariu
Given the recent challenges in quality assurance across the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), the aim of this workshop is to provide, with the active involvement of the participants, the key global changing factors that will potentially influence the future of quality assurance.
Thirty key factors were predefined by the facilitators under the form of statements about events/elements that are predicted to determine global changes and influence the future of quality assurance. After becoming familiar with these starting factors, participants will have the opportunity to add new different ones in order to create a narrative of future scenarios on how quality assurance might develop given the global challenges the current status-quo is facing.
Therefore, the purpose of the workshop is to provide and facilitate a framework for the participants to envision and define scenarios for the future developments of quality assurance worldwide, but especially in EHEA.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2015 10th EQAF