QA in PhD programmes: the importance of stating the obvious

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Author(s)Nele Bracke, Karen Vandevelde
In many countries, external quality assurance systems monitor the entry, progress, structure and outcomes of BA and MA programmes. But what about the 3rd cycle? Without a national framework or external QA system, PhD training often wavers between an institution’s educational policies and research policies, while a coherent QA framework could foster an ambitious quality culture. Some QA mechanisms may be obvious to some but contested by others, while every stakeholder takes for granted the issues relevant to their particular involvement – from supervision training and skills development to the PhD student’s life cycle and examination standards. At Ghent University we have developed our own building blocks for a Doctoral Training Quality Assurance Framework – the result of an ambitious bottom-up exercise. In this workshop we will apply the same process in a nutshell – reduced from 90 days to 90 minutes and expanded from one institution to more than a dozen!
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