How to change an external QA framework: exchanging good and bad practices

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Author(s)Thérèse Zhang, Harald Scheuthle
Several countries across the EHEA are in the process of reflecting on, or (re)designing, their national or regional QA framework. This workshop invites participants to discuss how stakeholders can contribute to renewing their QA system, and to reflect on different QA approaches in a changing and international environment. We invite participants to look beyond their national borders and exchange ideas and practices on the following three topics, which will be explored in small discussion groups:
1. The change process: How to set up an efficient and participative process that takes into account HEIs’ and students’ needs when changing the EQA framework.
2. The QA approach: How to identify a QA approach that fits the context and purpose while creating an appropriate balance between accountability and enhancement.
3. The international dimension: How to devise procedures and strategies for handling the growing international dimension of QA and recognition by other EQA bodies.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2015 10th EQAF