A framework for QA at the Business Unit of Pforzheim University

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Author(s)Karl-Heinz Rau, Nadja Legrum-Khaled
Quality assurance has to be an integral part of the activities at an academic institution. Systematic approaches and processes ensure continuous improvement. This means that faculty involvement and commitment is crucial for sustainable success. At our institution quality management provides guidance for all the strategic and operational decisions. We align our quality assurance and quality development with world leading standards (AACSB, 2010). Quality management is an effective measure to build confidence for education as a kind of credence good (Kortendieck, 2008, 19; Dill/Soo 2004). We started with this approach about four years ago. We developed a well structured framework and some components are already implemented. So we have already some experience but we are still in a complex learning process. Sometimes we are faced with the question if a formal quality management is compatible with the self conception of an academic institution (Nickel 2007, 19). Basically we are convinced that quality benefits!
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2010 5th EQAF