University governance and quality assurance: what is at stake?

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Author(s)Fabrice HĂ©nard, Alexander Mitterle
The growing institutional autonomy and the expansion of university missions have often been accompanied by the emergence of governance guidelines. In parallel, most countries have created national or regional quality assurance systems and prepared codes or principles that encompass institutional governance. Governance and quality issues are intertwined. The presentation derives from an examination of a selection of nation- or region-wide governance arrangements and quality assurance guides, codes and sets of principles designed by ministries, founding authorities, quality assurance agencies, rectors’ conferences and associations of institutions. The presentation shows the various types and purposes of governance arrangements, and underscores the binding nature of quality assurance guidelines while most governance arrangements are advisory in nature. It will discuss the opportunity to define appropriate guidance for institutions at a time of increasing institutional autonomy and development of quality assurance frameworks.
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