The Docentia programme: an example of the development of practices in mutual recognition. Collaboration between QA agencies in Spain

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Author(s)Elvira Juarez Casalengua, Sonia Martin Cerro, Isabel Belmonte Otero
The development of quality assurance methods in the sphere of higher education is already widespread at both the European and international levels, along with the sharing of experience and information between the quality assurance agencies, which are responsible for implementing these methods. Given a framework of collaboration between QA agencies, the next step is the design and setting in motion of QA procedures that involve the participation of different agencies, with the purpose being the mutual recognition of quality assurance processes and decisions. The objective of this paper is to present the DOCENTIA Teaching Assessment Programme in Spain, which is an example of collaboration between the twelve existing QA agencies in the higher education system in Spain and of their combined work, with a description of how the international guidelines defined in the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the EHEA (ESG), INQAAHE and the ECA’s Code of Good Practice have been applied in good practice in mutual recognition as regards results and processes. The paper also gives examples of good practice, seen through the actual implementation of mutual recognition, which can be transferred to other contexts (national and international) in which different QA agencies are involved.
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