An evaluation of the quality (assurance) evaluation. Case study: the University of Bucharest

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Author(s)Sorin Costreie, Rodica Ianole, Raduca Dinescu
Quality still defies a precise definition. The result is a lack of effectiveness and a general misunderstanding of the role of quality assurance in higher education, especially when considered in an international setting. On the other hand, this may offer diversity and creativeness in an area hemmed by rigid regulations and strict standards to the point that this may be the core issue that allows us to build bridges between different approaches. Our paper aims to be a systematic reflection on the main concepts concerning quality assurance processes, starting with quality itself. A national quality assurance evaluation of the University of Bucharest (UB) is the reference framework of our discussion, strengthening the arguments with real examples and providing further food for thought. Our approach starts with a minute analysis of the concepts and tries to see how far one may go to encompass the realities of higher education institutions.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2010 5th EQAF