Crossing borders in quality management. Practical implications for the internationalisation of teaching and learning at Saarland University

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Author(s)Sonja Schwarz, Katrin Vogel
As a university with a clearly international profile, Saarland University‘s quality management system in teaching and learning is not confined to national aspects. Internationalisation itself is considered as a key quality criterion and therefore plays an important part throughout the four elements of the quality management system: (i) the quality checks carried out whenever a study programme is introduced or revised, (ii) the support structures to enhance the quality of studies, (iii) the monitoring instruments and (iv) the university‘s incentive system. Thus, the first major success could be achieved in the field of recognition of studies abroad. Yet the European cross-border dimension of quality assurance still has to be extended, so Saarland University has recently launched the project ―University of the Greater Region‖, a common cross-border area of higher education consisting of seven partner universities in four countries.
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