Systems, innovation and teamwork as a basis for TQM. Shared ownership to regenerate and IMPROVE

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Author(s)Paul Garré, Hilde Sels
In response to the changing quality culture in higher education two quality networks in Flanders decided to join expertise in order to design a new tool for quality improvement. Based on the nine criteria of the EFQM-model and using mind mapping as a vehicle, the tool was to be lean, easy to use, non-prescriptive and flexible. After two years work the new tool, Improve, was tested and ready for use in June 2010. The test cases demonstrated underpinned the versatility of the tool. Tests were performed with a board of directors, services, programmes... using several methods. Implementation of the tool was generally considered to be a success. However the non-prescriptive character of Improve begs the question of whether quality culture in higher education is mature enough to use Improve in a meaningful way.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2010 5th EQAF