Partners or counterparts? Student involvement in management and QA at Lund University

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Author(s)Christian Strahlman
There is an increasing demand from students and their organisations all over Europe for involvement in quality assurance. To meet this demand, some higher education institutions have involved student representatives as partners in their institutional management. Swedish legislation entitles students to representation in all decision-making and preparatory bodies. At Lund University this has evolved into a student partnership-model where student representatives have full insight as equal partners in university management. The model has proven successful and the student participation is widely appreciated by university executives. It has increased the transparency in university policy-making. It has changed the role of student representatives as the university demands a higher level of accountability from the student unions, which however also has the unfortunate side-effect of distancing student representatives from the students as they become a integral part of university management. This paper discusses the implications of a partnership-model and need for further development.
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