EQANIE: Implementing a system of quality assurance for informatics higher education

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Author(s)Hans-Ulrich Heiss, Frauke Muth
The paper briefly explains the field-specific approach to quality assurance of higher education programmes, thereby drawing on existing examples in the European Higher Education Area. It then presents the European Quality Assurance Network for Informatics Education, EQANIE, founded in 2009, and highlights why there is a need for a field-specific approach to quality assessment of degree programmes in informatics. It briefly presents the history and challenges facing the early days of the initiative before outlining the two main challenges for field-specific external review activities: 1) the challenge of avoiding that quality labels become an end in themselves rather than the (interim-)result of a continuous process of quality enhancement of a degree programme, and 2) the difficulties of actively involving stakeholders from industry in external quality assurance.
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