Reaching parts that other instruments can’t touch? Quality assurance and the depth of reform through the Bologna process

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Author(s)Don F. Westerheijden, Johanna Witte
This paper, building on the data and report of the Independent Assessment of the Bologna Process (Westerheijden et al., 2010), aims to show the breadth and depth of the reform in the quality of education across the EHEA which has resulted from the Bologna Process instruments affecting the quality of education (ESG, EQAR, but also the QF – EHEA. Developments will be presented at European and nation-state levels, showing broad engagement in change, some convergence but also enduring national differences. Changes so far have not gone deep; hope for deep reform now seems vested in qualifications frameworks. We conclude with some remarks on the contribution of subject-level approaches (Tuning projects) and questions for a discussion on the future quality agenda for the Bologna Process.
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