Focus Groups – proposing a new tool for empowering students in quality assurance

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Author(s)Karl Agius, Christian Hemmestad Bjerke
This paper shows how best practice in two different countries (Malta and Norway) has been merged to come up with a new and powerful tool for student feedback and follow up in quality assurance. The authors explain how Focus groups can be used to tackle problematic areas in courses or specific subjects. The benefit of such practice is that students are given more space and possibility to give their feedback as opposed to the rigid framework of traditional feedback exercises. This new approach will facilitate immediate action and review of the course or subject. In this article the authors also present some of the limitations relating to this approach, but the overall conclusion is that most QA systems will benefit from this new approach to student feedback that will increase legitimacy in QA for teachers and learners alike.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2010 5th EQAF