CAF and education, a tool for self-assessment and preparation of national quality agency evaluation

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Author(s)Christine Defoin
CAF (Common Assessment Framework) is a total quality management tool for public administrations based on the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) model. It looks into the organisation from different angles at the same time, it is a holistic approach of the performance. The administrative CAF was not really adapted to the needs of schools so that in 2008 a group of experts wrote a CAF and education. An official European version of CAF and education is now available as well as a label ECU (Efficient CAF users). The objective of the approach by CAF and education is obviously to create a learning school and to develop a real school culture to self-evaluation and external evaluation. But the tool is also very efficient in helping to prepare the self-assessment and to write the self-assessment report required by the National Quality Agency for quality.
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