Quality assurance of Lifelong Learning: can higher education benefit?

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Author(s)Maarten Coertjens, Pieter-Jan Van de Velde
The paper has as its central question: How does quality assurance (QA) facilitate cooperation between different educational fields, in this case between higher education and non-formal education (NFE). The European Youth Forum (YFJ) sees possible synergies related to the validation of prior learning and to LLL-cooperation between different educational providers. In the view of the YFJ quality assurance processes within NFE are a condition to facilitate these synergies. In 2008, YFJ therefore adopted its ā€˛Policy Paper on Non-Formal Education: A framework for indicating and assuring quality' and has started a pilot project on quality assurance for its member organisations. This paper targets discussion among higher education stakeholders on the use of the QA Framework for NFE developed by YFJ: Could this framework be beneficial for higher education institutions?
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