Quality development in university continuing education programmes

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Author(s)Hans-Rudolf Frey, Rayk Sprecher
In collaboration with the Centre of Accreditation and Quality Assurance of the Swiss Universities (OAQ), Swissuni, the umbrella organisation of Swiss university continuing education, has recently developed an innovative quality development model for continuing education programmes. This process was motivated by the diagnosis that most traditional models for regular master and bachelor programmes often had difficulties in handling the particularities of continuing education, such as rapidly changing needs, fragmented markets, expert client groups and heterogeneous teaching staff. Swissuni‟s approach follows the basic principles of flexibility, multidimensionality, impact orientation, stakeholder involvement, client satisfaction and constant quality improvement. The model identifies seven quality dimensions from the initial context analysis to the impact of the programme on the work performance of its graduates and on their personal and career development. The workshop discusses the strengths and weaknesses of Swissuni‟s quality development approach and explores the possibilities for dissemination and future collaboration. The participants will be introduced to the model and the quality criteria, invited to reflect over the usefulness of the approach for their own institution and asked to share their own quality concepts and practical experience. There will be a short presentation, followed by group or individual work and sufficient time for critique and discussion.
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