The notion of training in quality assurance

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Author(s)Bruno Curvale
The growth of autonomy given to higher education institutions lead to an interplay between Ministries, higher education institutions and quality assurance agencies in which assessments and decisions have to be justified by methods and evidences. The clarification of the mechanisms by which the evaluators reach their judgements is crucial for the recognition by all of the legitimacy of the decisions that follow from these assessments. This workshop should be of interest for practitioners in quality assurance in higher education and more generally for everyone interested in the design of quality assurance systems (programmes and governance) in higher education (academics, managers and staff of internal quality assurance units in higher education institutions, managers and staff of quality assurance agencies, evaluators, experts…). The aim of the workshop is to contribute to the thinking about quality assurance in higher education by asking the question what the content of appropriate training in quality assurance in higher education should be. The participants will be asked to think about the core elements of quality assurance mechanisms in higher education and to work on the possible expected learning outcomes which training in quality assurance in higher education should aim at. Training in quality assurance could be thus one of the first steps towards a better mutual understanding between all the actors involved in quality assurance systems by clarifying some of the requirements of evaluation activities.
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