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Author(s)Alison Dickens
This workshop will present the LanQua Toolkit for Quality Assurance and Enhancement designed to support a practice-led approach to quality which is contextualised in the everyday (good) practice of teachers/trainers working in higher education. It takes a bottom-up, enhancement approach to quality assurance providing tools to support subject practitioners in developing and articulating quality in practice. Participants will explore their own and each others‟ experiences and understanding of quality; be introduced to the key concepts and tools in the LanQua Toolkit (the LanQua Quality Model, Frame of Reference and Case Studies); and work collaboratively to develop messages articulating quality outcomes from practice to a range of stakeholder audiences. Examples given will be discipline-specific, from the field of languages, to illustrate how practitioner „buy-in‟ to the quality agenda can be fostered through a focus on subject content and teaching.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2010 5th EQAF