Virtual Campus Development on the Basis of Subsidiarity: The EVS Approach

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Author(s)Ron Cörvers/Joop de Kraker
The main objective of this chapter is to highlight the importance of subsidiarity in the development of a
virtual campus. Subsidiarity is the principle that matters ought to be handled by the lowest competent
authority. In our view, subsidiarity is crucial to sustainable approaches in virtual mobility. We support
this view by two case descriptions: the development and implementation of a very successful virtual
course - European Virtual Seminar on Sustainable Development (EVS) and the project to expand from
this single course to a virtual campus - Virtual Campus for a Sustainable Europe (VCSE). We conclude
that the factors determining the viability and uptake of international online learning initiatives, such as
virtual campuses, are a bottom-up approach enabled by the availability of inexpensive ICT, an educationally
driven need for virtual mobility, and interdependence within the international partnership.
CategoriesVirtual mobility