Language Policies in European Higher Education Area: Babes-Bolyai University – a Case Study

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Author(s)Roxana‐Maria Gâz
Languages are an important part of our lives. They do not only help us
communicate with one another, but they also contribute to our self‐improvement,
they help the development of the economy and of the business environment.
Therefore, universities and governments have to work on promoting languages,
language learning and teaching. This article focuses largely on the language
policies of the European Union, on the European higher education area, and
particularly on the actions taken in order to implement the recommendations made
by the European institutions in what concerns language learning. Furthermore,
the article presents the preliminary results of a survey carried out among the
Romanian students of Babeş‐Bolyai University the purpose of which was to see
their satisfaction as to the language teaching and the offer of languages within their
university. Therefore, this was a good way to see whether the European Union
recommendation on the teaching and learning of foreign languages were
implemented in Romania and in higher education.
CategoriesLanguage policy