Functional Evaluation of student mobility: The case study of T.E.I. of Athens

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Author(s)George Panagiaris
The last 5 years TEI of Athens has developed a program of Functional Evaluation
of student Mobility with the help of questionnaires. Three quarters of the
responders were male; most of them participated in the Erasmus program for
studies and one third of them for placements. From the statistical elaboration of the
answered questionnaires, the most important issues that came to light were the
language preparation and the information/support in matters of accommodation as
well as the functionality of the ECTS system. However, a great percentage of the
responders feel “satisfied” with the recognition of the courses and half of them
associate their participation to the program with the extension of their studies’
period. Finding a solution to the aforementioned issues demands of combined
actions undertaken by the National Authorities and Agencies, the Higher Education
Institutions and the relevant Departments, but the financial support of those actions
remains always the “dark side” of this matter.