QTIM&R: Quality Tools, Instruments, Methods and Results

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Preliminary research carried out at Limburg Catholic University College (LCUC) and literature study showed the wide gap between ‘wanting’ and ‘doing’ in the field of Quality Assurance in HE. The QTIM&R workshop focuses on quality culture in HEIs and the bottlenecks of middle management. We found a challenging relationship between strong leadership ‘to be in control’ and promoting quality culture. Middle managers also mention lack of time, expertise and vision. How to break out of this vicious circle? This is the central theme of the interactive QTIM&R workshop. We start from practice in daily college life where education, research and community engagement are competing with unexpected requirements and emergencies. Participants in this workshop will see how simple actions on quality themes can provoke a change in attitude towards total quality assurance. Together we look for a shift in the quality paradigm from bureaucratic panic to wellbeing in control.
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