E-xcellence: Quality assurance in e-learning; a co-operational model between universities and QA-agencies

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Author(s)George Ubachs, Fred Mulder
Although e-learning has become mainstream provision in European higher education it has not yet become integral part of the QA systems.
Surveys like the E-learning Quality (ELQ) report (2008:11R) show that quality in e-learning is a non-issue for many and there is a need for methodological development within QA-agencies. At the same time, there is a need for increased cooperation between national agencies on QA in e-learning. (ENQA Workshop 14)
An opportunity is created by EADTU in partnership with European and global stakeholders for the existing channels in QA to adopt new quality guidelines. EADTU serves universities and QA-agencies in a cooperational model with the open source instrument E-xcellence.
This will be a co-presentation by EADTU and NVAO addressing:
A. New benchmarks for quality in e-learning; social media and OER
B. Recommendations by UNESCO’s Global TF QA in e-learning
C. Challenges for Quality Assurance Organisations in Europe
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