Cultural brokers and multilinguists: New roles for quality assurance professionals in the EHEA

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Author(s)Andrée Sursock, Oliver Vettori
Based on the findings of EUA's recently ended two-year project on the current state of institutional quality cultures in European Higher Education (‘Examining Quality Culture’), this session will focus on the changing roles of QA professionals within culturally diverse environments. The facilitators will explore the role of the QA officer/manager as a cultural mediator and interpreter between different sets of actors within the institution (e.g. the central administration, the faculties, the academic and administrative staff, the students) and between the institution and the QA agency and other external stakeholders. The key objective of the session is to discuss whether and how QA professionals could increase their effectiveness if they took into account the structural and cultural contexts of their institution. After a short introduction, the session will be kept as interactive as possible, further building on the findings of the previous two years and paving the way for EUA's follow up project ‘Promoting Quality Culture’.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2012 7th EQAF