How Does EXTERNAL Quality Assurance Make a Difference?

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Author(s)Josep Grifoll Saurí, Theodor Leiber
Our knowledge about the impact of external quality assurance (EQA) on higher education institutions (HEIs) is still rudimentary. This workshop provides an opportunity for all participating stakeholder groups – HEIs, students, QA agencies – to discuss possible impacts of EQA procedures on teaching and learning, institutional structures and HE policies and to analyse what mechanisms may have led to these impacts. Starting with an analytical framework, the workshop participants will discuss in small working groups selected paths of impact in detail. The workshop is intended to foster and advance the reflection of external (and internal) QA in European HE. It is meant to further our knowledge about the overall effectiveness of different EQA – its intended and non-intended effects as well as its potential ineffectiveness. One focus of the workshop is on the HEI target groups’ perception and valuing of the effects of EQA with the aim to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2012 7th EQAF