Using ESG 2015 to develop a national quality culture for further and higher education in a post-colonial micro-state: Malta

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Author(s)Sandro Spiteri
In July 2015 Malta inaugurated its National QA Framework for Further and Higher Education to foster a comprehensive quality culture in the sector. This is the first QA framework within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) that covers further, higher and adult formal educational provision. The Framework is based on the 2015 version of ESG, enriched with EQAVET elements. This synthesis was possible because of Malta’s characteristics as a post-colonial micro-state.
As part of this process a number of tools and procedures were developed, institutions were upskilled in both internal and external QA, prospective peer and student evaluators were trained, and the first three pilot external quality audits have been carried out. The support of ENQA and the ESU were instrumental in this.
This paper will discuss how Malta’s characteristics informed the development of Malta’s QA Framework, and how the Framework itself was developed and implemented.
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