Ten Years of Quality Assurance with Students’ Eyes – Taking Stock and Providing an Outlook

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Author(s)Beate Treml, Asnate Kažoka
2015 is not only the 10th anniversary of the ESG and EQAF, but with the Ministerial Conference also the time for a new edition of the European Students' Union's survey “Bologna with Student Eyes”. This paper aims at giving an overview of the students' view of the developments that have taken place in the past ten years and provides some detailed insights of the 2015 survey's part about quality assurance. It furthermore identifies the most burning issues for students when it comes to future enhancement of quality assurance in higher education and provides recommendation about how to further improve students' involvement in quality assurance and how to support national student unions in their work on quality assurance for policy makers, higher education institutions and agencies, with student centered learning being one of the most crucial issues for students in the next years.
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