How to forecast the future? – Different sources for gathering knowledge about the future needs of employers’ with regard to competences

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Author(s)Ditte Strandbygaard, Merete Munk, Rikke Warming, Vibeke Fahlén
Graduates must be able to use their degree on the labour market that awaits them when they have completed a higher education study programme. Danish politicians have increasingly focused on this since the beginning of this century. It places great demands to the education institutions' ability to gaze into the future and predict which skills will be required, and on the basis of this, match the right number of graduates with the right competences. This political focus is also reflected in the Danish Accreditation Institution's (AI) criteria, methods and practice.
In the paper session, AI will present an extensive system-wide analysis of the sources education institutions use to gain knowledge about the competence needs of the future in order to ensure relevance of their programmes. The University of Southern Denmark will produce a case on how the institution is working with the assurance of the relevance of new programmes.
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