Big (and Small) Data Meets Quality Assurance

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Author(s)Anna Prades, Maribel Quirós, Maria Giné, Lorena Bernáldez
Evidence, both quantitative and qualitative, is at the core of every assessment process. New technology has given us an unprecedented opportunity to tackle both structured and unstructured data, yet barriers remain that restrict our ability to take advantage of this scenario. As a result, data often falls short of triggering change. One reason for this is the over-abundance of information. In this paper, we present and discuss a case study for the assessment of research and teaching quality in university departments. The study illustrates how AQU Catalunya is changing the way it presents quantitative data, benchmarking clusters of indicators to foster debate about the results. Finally, we look to the future, discussing what resources will be required if we wish to explore every opportunity the new data era can offer to quality assurance.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2015 10th EQAF