Comparing internal influential factors affecting accreditation processes in Dutch and Dutch-Caribbean universities: enablers and barriers

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Author(s)Sharine A. Isabella, Don F. Westerheijden
Obtaining accredited status is of great importance for programmes offered in universities, regardless of their scale, location on this globe and developmental status. However, there are few studies on this in small universities in the global south. During 2009 – 2014 a study was conducted on internal influential factors affecting progress and outcomes of accreditation processes in Dutch-Caribbean universities, compared with two Dutch higher education institutions. In this paper findings are presented based on a qualitative multiple case study of accreditation processes in the University of Curaçao contrasted with Utrecht University and HZ University for Applied Science in the Netherlands. Commitment of internal and external stakeholders is a universal enabler, but some other internal factors had different effects in Curaçao and the Netherlands. These findings shed light on the enablers and barriers affecting accreditation processes and how to address the challenges encountered, particularly in small universities.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2015 10th EQAF