Collaboration between student QA pools– Embedding improvement and enhancing quality of student QA pools in Austria, Germany and Switzerland

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Author(s)Thomas Bach, Melanie Gut, Silke Kern, Katharina Mahrt
Countries across Europe shared similarities in quality assurance in the higher education area even before the ESG. This paper explores these similarities in different contexts from a student perspective and analyses how QA policies and practices are adapted to respect diversity and remain fit for purpose. We will present the collaboration of student experts’ pools in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. While we share a common language, our experiences and expectations differ considerably. This paper shows how better trainings and regular exchanges of experience within the DACH collaboration increased awareness of student participation in QA procedures. We present an example that illustrates the improved cooperation between agencies and the three student experts' pools. We also analysed the challenges that need to be addressed by the still young DACH collaboration, namely limited resources, transfer of know-how and the development of tools for international QA trainings.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2016 11th EQAF