Quality assurance frameworks in context: a diversified implementation of the ESG by various French-speaking quality assurance agencies

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Author(s)Caty Duykaerts, Geneviève Le Fort, Julien Lecocq, François Pernot, Julie Nolland
Six quality assurance agencies have recently decided to be part of an active yet informal network (réseau FrAQ-Sup) with the goal of sharing professional experience and supporting the development of a quality culture within the French-speaking higher education sector. They jointly organise quality events and support various projects. One of them was to translate into French the newly revised version of the European standards and guidelines (ESG 2015). This task has lead the agencies to examine further and compare their national QA frameworks and quality standards and discover how much they were alike and to which extent they would differ. This paper is about the lessons learnt from this comparative analysis.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2016 11th EQAF