SCHE in Europe – The Missing Link : Level 5 EQF Preliminary results

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Author(s)Magda Kirsch, Yves Beernaert
In 2003, EURASHE conducted research Tertiary Short Education Cycle in Europe. A new study was launched in 2010, Short Cycle Higher Education in Europe Level 5: the Missing Link, to update and complete the first study. The study is based on an international questionnaire. It features a definition of short cycle higher education (SCHE), its characteristics (regarding financing, access, national qualification framework, duration etc.). It explores the profile of students and teachers, the transition to level 6, the use of ECTS, dilpoma supplements. Finally, it observes quality assurance in SCHE, mobility, employability and link to the local labour market.Finally, the research proposes recommendations to better classify SCHE in qualification frameworks and strengthen the sector.
CategoriesModernising PHE within diversified HE » L5Missing, Representation