Quality culture: embracing the academic community in a “creativity agenda”

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Author(s)Valentina Oliveira, Ana Nunes de Almeida, Ana Almeida Pinheiro, Marta Pile
Literature recognises that a Quality Assurance System needs to be a stable, foreseeable, consistent and coherent framework. However, if this system is to be context-sensitive, projected in the future and conceived as a positive instrument to changing for the better, it has to host and to incorporate innovation and creativity. In this domain, like in others, the best idea rarely comes up through spontaneity or improvisation of one individual talent. Instead, creativity is a herd and demanding result of collective ideals, practices and conditions. In this paper we intend to address, discuss and exemplify factors which enhance Quality Assurance Systems as milieux for creativity, based on the ULisboa experience; besides, we focus means by which Higher Education Institutions (HEI) can involve academic communities in their purpose to nurture creativity and innovation in Quality Assurance processes.
CategoriesQuality of HE » 2013 8th EQAF